Corporate Vision

Our Mission

Trisect is a professional and innovative leader in the construction marketplace. We continually work to consistently provide quality and timely construction and related services in a safe manner. We are known for our long-term, collaborative relationships based on mutual trust and respect for our employees, clients and partners.

With each project, Trisect guarantees:

  • Quality workmanship and attention to detail through our quality assurance program
  • A realistic schedule that is constantly monitored
  • Sensitivity to budget, proactively mitigating extra costs
  • Professional staff with the utmost integrity, ethics and respect
  • Ensuring a safe work environment
  • Access to a competitive, skilled and professional pool of tradespeople
  • Full and complete warranty with prompt follow-up


Our Values

Professionalism and Integrity

Respect for People

Performance with Absolute Reliability

Employee Development and Growth