General Contracting

Trisect is a full service General Contractor with the experience, capabilities and resources to undertake work on various projects within the Commercial, Residential and Industrial Sectors. General Contracting is premised on a competitive tender and bid submission which is finalized into a lump sum cost based on a defined set of construction documents which formulate the contract documents. The ideal scenario for the owner to minimize surprises and/or additional costs and delays, is one whereby the tender documents are complete and fully detailed. This scenario is mainly due to time constraints. However, if the tender documents are as complete as reasonably expected, then the owner will receive the best price for the defined scope. The awarded General Contractor takes on the responsibility of costs, schedule and quality.

Trisect is proud to be recognized for building valuable, long term relationships with consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Trisect has a pool of very competitive tradespeople with the experience and talent to provide cost effective work and products, while maintaining the highest quality outcome.