Construction Management

The Construction Manager (CM) oversees the overall planning, coordination and control of the construction project from beginning to completion. The CM acts as the project owner’s agent with duties of supervision over some, if not all the functions of the design firm and contractor – depending on each owners’ requirements. The goal of the CM is to fully meet a client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Project Managers are best assigned to a project based on the breadth of experience required. Whereas, a Construction Manager holds the same responsibilities and completes the same processes in any sector or project, Trisect is unique in that we ensure the CM’s knowledge is specific to the needs of each construction site. This may include an intimate understanding of different types of equipment, materials, subcontractors, locations and most importantly the type and purpose of the final project.

This insight is invaluable as it allows the CM to properly oversee the construction process, to hold and oversee execution of the contracts, to manage
the design, construction and close-out of a project. As often, they must assist an owner in making necessary and timely decisions to meet any change that may develop as an evolving requirement of a successful large scale or complicated project.

The benefit of a Construction Manager who acts on behalf of an owner is amplified when the project requires fast tracking. That is, when the project is not fully defined and contract documents are not fully developed, however the project construction must commence, as the owner requires an operational facility at the earliest opportunity. The trade contracts are awarded in phases as the contract documents develop with detailed scope definition provided by the CM. This applies to projects where the documents are weak and incomplete. The agreement may entail the CM taking on a measure of risk, such as guarantee a maximum project cost based on defined drawing, specifications and documents, or critical schedule milestones. Even in circumstances where we are performing as a General Contractor, we may act as CM on some projects under a professional services agreement to meet our client’s needs.