Trisect has played a critical role in the construction of various high profile hospitality establishments. When it comes to hospitality projects, the building’s ambiance and aesthetic appeal is of the utmost importance.

We are proud to have worked as the Construction Manager for the construction of many distinguished projects including the five star Toronto Ritz-Carlton and more recently the Walper Hotel (shown in the video above). We have also completed luxury facilities and amenities such as entrance lobbies, restaurants, meeting rooms and banquet halls as well as the fitness facilities for numerous  well-established world-class hotel chains.

Our unique, proactive approach and attention to detail ensures the successful completion of these time and budget sensitive projects.

When dealing with hospitality projects, timely completion of all work is a must. Pre-booking of events should never be postponed or re-directed. The cost and reputation impacts are prohibitive. Therefore, the agreed upon construction schedule must be monitored daily and any slippages must be addressed and corrected immediately. Any downtime due to noise constraints must be made up as quickly as possible.

When renovating areas within an operating hotel, safety, noise and dust must be addressed daily. Safety is paramount and any concerns must be addressed and resolved immediately. Noise at times may not be acceptable to ongoing hotel operations and work may be stopped. It is important that work is made up to maintain the critical path. Measures are implemented to minimize all disrupting activities.  For instance dust generated through construction activity must be managed through barriers, filters and sometimes pressurization.

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